• Sydney Australia - credit Jackie Appleton
    Sydney Australia - credit Jackie Appleton

Region: Rocky Mountain States

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Yvonne Dann


The area encompassing the beautiful US Rocky Mountain States of Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota and into Colorado has its own unique cultural history, combining both the heroic and tragic aspects of the opening up of the American West – from the epic movement of pioneers from east to west to the displacement of a native population. From the Black Hills of South Dakota to Hell’s Canyon in Idaho, from Montana’s breathtaking Glacier National Park to the awesome expanses of Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park, the area is blessed with an unspoiled and natural scenic beauty.

The Real America

The Wild West

Wild West Story

Yellowstone in Winter

Favourite Road Trips

Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks

United States of America – USA

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USA – Self Drive Holidays in the USA

Here, we’ve picked the very best Driving holidays in America.

From the crystal glaciers in Alaska, to the mighty Colorado River as it carves its way through the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell and Bryce Canyon. From untouched Oregon to New England in the Fall. From the rugged coastline of Maine to the beautiful Carolinas and Virginia. Combine these with a city break to Boston, New York, San Francisco, or Las Vegas.

The biggest, the deepest, and the most colourful — Self drive holidays in America and Alaska will capture your imagination, your sense of adventure, the cowboy in you, the retail therapist, the photographer. We can create that special driving holiday in America you’ve only dreamed possible.


USA & Alaska holidays stars and stripes flag

Credit Peter Ellis


USA & Alaska Holidays Mount Rushmore

Credit Peter Ellis


Destinations Show, Olympia

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Vicki Tester


Photograph by kind permission of UnCruise Adventures

Don’t forget we will be at Destinations Show at Olympia, London, on February 02, 03, 04 and 05. Find us on Stand AC32 which we are sharing with the American company Uncruise Adventures. Most of the team will be there over the 4 days and would love to see a friendly face or two. This is one of the biggest travel shows in the U.K and a great place to find new destinations and experiences that would suit you. If you have a particular place in mind for your holiday next year (or the year after) give us a call to book an appointment with our team expert for that part of the world. However we will be very pleased to see you as and when you are free.

For your free tickets to Destinations Show, please go to: http://www.destinationsshow.com/london/form/registration  and then type in MSC97 in the appropriate place.

We look forward to seeing you at either event.

Yvonne’s USA Trip

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Vicki Tester


I have just been sent these fantastic pictures from Yvonne that I wanted to share!  I cant wait to hear all about here travels and experiences.

‘Having just returned from my trip to the USA here are just a few pictures from my travels through Wyoming and Montana – this area is stunning with incredibal scenery, wildlife and plenty of adventure.  Heres a few pictures’ – more information to follow.

Grand Teton Mountains - Credit Yvonne Dann

Grand Teton Mountains – Credit Yvonne Dann


Jackson, Wyoming - Cr Yvonne Dann

Jackson, Wyoming – Credit Yvonne Dann


Old Faithful - Credit Yvonne Dann

Old Faithful – Credit Yvonne Dann


Little Gem’s in New England

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Vicki Tester


Little Gem's in New England

Picture courtesy of Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn

As the stunning fall colour season of New England comes to an end for another year, now is a great time to start planning your visit next year. Combine the beautiful Maine Coast and the mountain backdrops of New Hampshire and Vermont – of course not forgetting a city stay in Boston and/or New York, a visit to Connecticut, the beautiful mansions of Rhode Island and a stay at Cape Cod.

Every now and then, a particularly outstanding property appears, Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn is one such property. Located in the village of Harwich, Cape Cod, Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn have recently been recognised by BedandBreakfast.com in their 2014 international award for “Top 10 Modern B&Bs”.

“Celebrating ten sleek and sophisticated bed and breakfasts known for their clean, minimalist aesthetic and modern design. These properties offer discerning travellers a unique boutique inn experience and state-of-the-art amenities in luxurious one-of-a-kind settings.”
The Platinum Pebble Boutique Inn is an 8 room upscale Bed & Breakfast located close to the beach in the picturesque harbour village of Harwich, Cape Cod. Luxuriously renovated, it boasts a unique contemporary interior design that stands it apart from other traditional Cape Cod inns. It offers style, elegance and luxury within an historic 1870’s sea captain’s house. All 8 rooms have large custom designed en-suite bathrooms, air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi, TV/DVD players and iPod docking stations. Larger rooms have soaking tubs, fireplaces and separate outdoor space. The inn is set on a quiet wooded lot and has a large 20’ x 40’ swimming pool. Harwich is a mid-Cape town located on Nantucket Sound next to the town of Chatham. It has three harbours from one of which runs the high-speed ferry to Nantucket Island. Harwich was the original home of cranberry production in the US and prior to that was a leading shipping location and home to many of Cape Cod’s sea captains.
This is the perfect end to a busy New England itinerary and we offer our congratulations to Simon and Annabelle Hutton on this and their many other achievements
To plan your holiday now, contact us on 01323 446550 or emailinfo@experienceholidays.co.uk and we can give you expert advice on making the most of your bespoke tailor made holiday.

Daiquiri Season launches in September!

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Vicki Tester


If you have booked to travel through New Orleans this September you will not be able to miss the fantastic and fun Daiquiri Festival.  cocktail-clip-art-9czMyRbcE

The New Orleans Daiquiri Festival was founded in 2011 as a two-day summer festival celebrating the daiquiri while also honouring the unique drinking culture and history of the city.  September was the month chosen as it was thought with the warm temperatures this would give cool relief and encourage people to visit the local bars and restaurants. 

For the month of September bartenders throughout New Orleans will be offering their own version of the unique Frozen Daiquiri at bars and restaurants with special tasting events.  We love a good cocktail here in Britain and what a great way to discover the history of the city and get to taste some of their local signature ingredients.  Here you can enjoy the 24hr licensing laws and join The New Orleans original cocktail tour which is a themed walking tour that visits the French Quarter’s best bars.  This tour lasts approx 2.5 hours and is fun and informative learning all about the history and drinking culture, whilst sampling some of the city’s original cocktails.

For more information please contact us on Tel: 01323 446550 or email: info@experienceholidays.co.uk

Picture courtesy of Jackie Appleton

Tailor Made Holidays Into the Heart of Untouched Alaska

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Bespoke holidays to the USA allow people to experience the country’s most iconic scenery and picturesque mountainscapes and nowhere is this more evident than in Alaska.

Far away from the bustle and eclectic cultural offerings of Americas big cities, tailor-made travel to Alaska is about taking a visually and atmospherically spectacular journey right into the heart of glacier and grizzly bear country.

Bespoke holidays to Alaska USA

Credit Alaska Tourism

Bespoke Holidays Around Alaska & Denali

Straddling over 160 miles of the narrow Alaskan Range, Alaska’s Denali National Park encompasses over six million acres of Alaskan wild land. First settled in 1905, the human influence on 99% of the area is tiny. The result of this is an area almost the same size as Norther Ireland, teeming with local flora and fauna which has been allowed to flourish for over a century without interruption.

The above being the case, bespoke holidays to the USA and Alaska can provide intrepid adventurers with a true taste of America’s so-called great outdoors, whilst also (of course) benefiting from first class accommodation and local guiding services. The only question is, what do you specifically want to see and experience on your holiday?

Truly Experiential Holidays       

Are you ready for a winter safari into Alaska’s great interior? While it’s not possible to actually embark upon a safari around Denali in the true South African sense, Denali is home to a staggering 37 iconic mammal species. From grizzly bears to caribou, when you visit Denali as part of a tailor-made holiday to the USA, you’re visiting a flourishing nature reserve. Even better, many tours will be able to provide you with the opportunity to experience some of America’s most iconic animal species right with your own eyes.

Spectacular Natural Surrounds

With the Alaskan range disappearing up into the overhead cloud line, bespoke holidays to Alaska are just as much about being visually awestruck by Alaska’s natural surrounds as they are getting up close and personal with some of Americas most iconic wildlife. The only problem? To take in all that Alaska has to offer would take weeks, if not months.

Thankfully, as part of our bespoke North American and Alaska holiday packages, you can experience Alaska through everything from basic hiking to backcountry bike travel and even bespoke flightseeing tours. The only question is, are you ready for a truly once in a lifetime bespoke holiday experience? If so, make sure to contact Experience Holidays today to find out more. 

Tailor Made Holidays to the USA: Experiencing The Kenai Peninsula

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As awe-inspiring as Alaska is in general, many argue that bespoke and tailor made holidays to the USA simply aren’t complete without a visit to the jewel in the crown of Alaska which is the infamous Kenai Peninsula.

Tailor made USA Holidays

Credit Helen Wibley

200 miles long and 100 miles wide, Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula is a spectacular wilderness area approximate in size to Belgium in Europe. However, bespoke holidays to the USA and the Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula aren’t just about visiting yet another of one of North Americas sprawling national parks. Rather, the Kenai Peninsula is is considered to be Alaska’s most accessible wilderness. This being the case, a visit to the area is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get as up close and personal as possible with unspoiled America at its finest.

Must-see Attractions

Spectacular Fjords, mind blowing mountains, and miles of pristine coastline make tailor made USA holidays to the Kenai Peninsula a true feast for the senses.

Dominated in the east by perilous ice fields and interspersed by azure blue glacier fed lake systems, hiking and adventure trails on the Kenai Peninsular allow you experience Alaska much more personally than anywhere else. However, as part of a bespoke holiday to the USA, it’s not absolutely necessary just to hike around the Kenai Peninsula in order to experience the area.

Snowmobiling & Dog Sledding   

As part of our own tailor made holidays to Alaska, we can help you hike, snowmobile and even dog sled around the Kenai Peninsula. A top pick for many first time visitors to Alaska, our bespoke Kenai tours allow you to experience Alaska and North America as intimately as possible before relaxing afterward in high-quality accommodation in some of the areas most majestic small town and cities. The only question is, are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? If so, call or contact Experience Holidays today to find out more. 

Bespoke USA Holidays & The Alaskan Road Trip of a Lifetime

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Do you want to really experience Alaska? Are you looking for a tailor made USA holiday which will allow you to sample not just the best that Alaska has to offer visually, but allow you to explore the state on your own terms?

Bespoke USA Holidays

Credit Alaska Tourism

Basing yourself in areas such as Denali is perfect for people who want to immerse themselves in just one location for as long as possible. However, Alaska is a big state and just as many people attempt to plan bespoke USA holidays designed around them seeing and experiencing as much of the area over all as possible.

Tailor Made Alaskan Holidays & Road Trips

As part of our increasingly popular self-drive Alaskan Adventures and bespoke USA holidays, you can arrive in Anchorage before collecting a pre-arranged vehicle and disappearing off on your own terms into the Alaskan interior.

From snow surrounded nights in Knik River Lodge where you can go glacier trekking and dog sledding, to cruising the spectacular Parks Highway right past Mt Mckinley, our self-drive bespoke holidays are all about discovery.

16 Days & Nights in the Heart of Alaska

As part of your once in a lifetime tailor made USA holiday, you will probably want to spend just as much time off the road as on it. That’s why some spectacular must-visit stop offs along the way should always include places like Valdez. Here it’s possible to cruise or kayak right into the heart of Alaska’s awe-inspiring Prince William Sound. In like manner, spending a few nights in the backcountry lodges of Denali National Park will allow you to sample life as it was for pioneers to the areas just over a hundred years ago. (Albeit a little more luxuriously).

Are you ready for the tailor made USA holiday of a life time? Especially perfect for families and couples, there simply isn’t anything more adventurous than embarking on your own all American Alaskan road trip. Make sure to call or contact us today to find out more

Favourite Road Trips

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Looking for inspiration? Here are just a few ideas based on some of our favourite road trips. This selection will give you a taste of the possibilites; whether your interest lies in wildlife, photography, spectacular scenery, geology, history of you are planning a family adventure, let us help you plan the perfect trip.

BB King Mural Clevand MS web


Rhythm and Roots

…a musical discovery tour. Trace the roots of American music and experience the unique cultural landscapes that gave birth to the Blues, Country and Rock-n-Roll.


Blue Ridge NC1


The Skyline Drive & The Blue Ridge Parkway

…follow the Appalachians from the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia to the Great Smoky National Park in North Carolina; this relaxed and easy drive offers endless hiking trails, blue-grass music, spectacular mountain vistas, wildflowers, sparkling waterfalls, black bear and the brilliant fall foliage that is any match for New England…


Western USA


The Grand Circle

This exhilarating route is surely one of the most spectacular road trips in the US. Allow at least 10 days to ensure you have time to explore the wealth of National Parks – Bryce, Zion, Arches, Canyonlands, Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon to name just at few. The names evoke the scenery and the wilderness you will encounter and remember for ever. With so much to see along the way it is difficult to know where to start and what to include – here is one suggestion, beginning and ending in Las Vegas…


Highway 1- Central Coast 4 cr cttc


The Pacific Coast from Seattle to LA

Follow the dramatic Pacific Coast Highway – a 1500 mile trip which takes you through Washington, Oregon and California. Rain forests, endless beaches, lighthouses, estuaries teaming with diverse wildlife, giant redwood forests, interspersed by vibrant and cosmopolitan cities – this route has just about everything. Although you can do the journey in a few days we would suggest you take your time to fully enjoy the trip. Here’s one suggestion..


California & Las Vegas 020






The East Coast from Washington DC to Florida

Take a drive down the USA’s Atlantic Coast and on the way discover beautiful beaches, a rich and interesting history, warm and genuine hospitality, charming towns and cities and an abundance of wonderful wildlife.


Yellowstone geyser


The Wild West

…from the Badlands of South Dakota to Yellowstone; this drive will take you through some of the most wild and beautiful landscapes imaginable. Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, the Bighorn Mountains and Cody before entering the spectacular scenery of Yellowstone National Park, with its legendary geyser basins, hot springs and assorted geothermal oddities, not to mention its stunning wildlife.




Alaskan Adventure

Explore Alaska’s stunning landscapes – rugged mountains, alpine meadows, crystal lakes, glaciers, diverse and abundant wildlife. With more scenic highways that any other US state, this is the ultimate driving destination. Incorporate Alaska’s Marine Highway, where whales, rare birds, sea-otters and sea lions can be viewed from the deck, to make this a truly memorable trip.


El Capitain cr Robert Holmes


From San Francisco to Vegas

Your journey starts in one of world’s truly great cities before heading south along the Pacific Coast Highway. Then drive across the Sierra Nevada Mountains, through the weird and wonderful Death Valley to the city of sin, Vegas …





Route 66

No list of road trips is complete without the Great Mother Road, Route 66. Much of the original route has now been bypassed by the interstates but many stretches are still driveable and accessible. During the thirties, thousands travelled west to California, to escape poverty in the dust bowls. Motels, diners, neon lights, museums, kitsch and other nostalgic reminders of a different era…




The Golden Circle – a Taste of Yukon and Alaska

Here we suggest a spectacular mountain self-drive journey which offers a taste of Alaska and Yukon. Drive through dramatic rocky landscapes, past deep blue lakes and experience the excitement of the Klondike Gold Rush. This is a trip for adventurers with opportunities for canoeing, Kayaking, hiking and superb wildlife viewing…


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