• Sydney Australia - credit Jackie Appleton
    Sydney Australia - credit Jackie Appleton

The Northern Lights in Yukon

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Vicki Tester


From Autumn to Spring, when darkness comes to Yukon skies, the Northern Lights come out. First you might see a hint of neon colour in the starry sky, then a jagged burst of green, and soon you’re transfixed by an ethereal display of shimmering aurora borealis. Depending on auroral activity and cloud conditions, you could spend hours watching with rapt attention as the magical show unfolds overhead. Whether you’re fascinated by the science or thrilled by the opportunity to photograph the aurora, the sight of dancing lights in the night sky nourishes all souls.

The best time to visit the Yukon for the dancing northern lights is between September and April. While tour operators can’t guarantee you’ll see the aurora borealis, they will do everything they can to make your visit here memorable. They can direct you to the best viewing spots, share aurora lore and culture, and make sure you stay warm.

Aurora forecasting technology also helps increase the odds and Tourism Yukon have developed a tool at: http://travelyukon.com/Plan/Travel-Info/Aurora-Forecast to help predict when you can see this amazing phenomenon. With scientific data collected from the Space Weather Predicition Center, we’re able to forecast the aurora every 15 minutes.
Just have a few days?
Spend your days visiting museums, sightseeing and sampling local cuisine in Whitehorse, and spend your nights watching for the Northern Lights.

Day 1 – Bright Lights, Northern City
Settle in to your hotel, cabin or B&B, then soak in Whitehorse’s bustling Main Street atmosphere. Enjoy dinner at one of our fine downtown restaurants. You might want to squeeze in a nap because this will be your first night watching for the northern lights. Join a scheduled aurora tour or explore our dark skies on your own.

Day 2 – Parade of Colour
Southern Yukon is awash in fall colour, so take a scenic day trip south to Carcross or west to Haines Junction. Try some gentle hiking, watch for wildlife and explore local visitor centres and museums. Get ready for another night of northern lights viewing

Day 3 – Discover Yukon Arts and Culture
Late nights are part of the aurora experience, so enjoy a slow start in a café. Wander through Whitehorse galleries, visit the Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre, and keep an eye out for a special piece of Yukon art to take home. Tonight you might even catch another glimpse of the aurora.

Did you know?
The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are caused by huge explosions on the surface of the sun that send out streams of charged particles that interact with the Earth’s upper atmosphere. These reactions occur 60 to 80 miles above the Earth’s surface, so it doesn’t make any sense that they can be heard. Still, many people report hearing a crackling or rustling noise when they see the lights. It could be that the sound is created near the ground by electrical phenomena associated with the aurora. It could also be that watchers are being affected by psychological or physical processes that we don’t yet understand. Of course, seeing the aurora on a dark, silent night is so exciting it might just be the sound of blood rushing through veins that’s being mistaken for the sound of light!

Background on Yukon
Situated in the upper Northwest corner of Canada, next to Alaska, the Yukon is Canada’s most accessible northern destination. Home to Canada’s highest mountain (Mount Logan) and one of the largest non-polar icefields located in Kluane National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage site – breathtaking doesn’t describe the vastness, or the beauty!
The Yukon is one of North America’s major wilderness attractions; close to 80 percent remains pristine wilderness with 5,000-metre peaks, forested valleys, unspoiled waters and untamed wildlife. Roughly the size of France at 483,000 square kilometers, The Yukon is home to more than 160,000 caribou, 70,000 moose, 22,000 mountain sheep, 7,000 grizzly bears, 10,000 black bears and 250 species of birds… and only 34,000 humans!
Experience Holidays offer a ‘Yukon in Winter’ package to view the Northern Lights. For more information contact 01323 446550 – info@experienceholidays.co.uk or visit www.experienceholidays.co.uk

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Daiquiri Season launches in September!

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Vicki Tester


If you have booked to travel through New Orleans this September you will not be able to miss the fantastic and fun Daiquiri Festival.  cocktail-clip-art-9czMyRbcE

The New Orleans Daiquiri Festival was founded in 2011 as a two-day summer festival celebrating the daiquiri while also honouring the unique drinking culture and history of the city.  September was the month chosen as it was thought with the warm temperatures this would give cool relief and encourage people to visit the local bars and restaurants. 

For the month of September bartenders throughout New Orleans will be offering their own version of the unique Frozen Daiquiri at bars and restaurants with special tasting events.  We love a good cocktail here in Britain and what a great way to discover the history of the city and get to taste some of their local signature ingredients.  Here you can enjoy the 24hr licensing laws and join The New Orleans original cocktail tour which is a themed walking tour that visits the French Quarter’s best bars.  This tour lasts approx 2.5 hours and is fun and informative learning all about the history and drinking culture, whilst sampling some of the city’s original cocktails.

For more information please contact us on Tel: 01323 446550 or email: info@experienceholidays.co.uk

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Planning your holiday – It’s never too early (or late)

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Yvonne Dann


It’s never too early or too late to start planning your next holiday adventure.  With news from the USA that the Tioga Pass road, at Yosemite National Park, California, recently opened for the summer season following the annual closures for the winter, it is good to remember that some of the popular National and Provincial Parks in the USA and in Canada have quite a short summer season.  With more and more people looking to visit these beautiful areas, it is also wise idea to think about making your plans well in advance.  Others are of course open year round, and accommodation all round can become extremely busy during peak months.

Whether you are thinking of planning a wonderful last minute trip this year or a fantastic self drive trip for next year, we are here to help.  Stay in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, renowned for the diversity of plant and animal life.  Travel through the Grand Teton National Park and on to Yellowstone National park, with wildlife, geysers, hot springs and mudpots, and on to Glacier National Park – being sure to travel the length of the magnificent ‘Going to the Sun’ Road.  The National Parks of the Canyonlands feature towering peaks, incredible rock formations, giant lakes and deep canyons, and further west Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, and then Yosemite.

Within Canada, think about visiting the famous Canadian Rocky Mountains, home to the National Parks of Jasper and Banff and further south, Waterton National Park – close to the border with the USA.  Kluane National Park in the Yukon, for somewhere a little more off the beaten path, Grasslands National Park and Prince Albert National Park are both found in Saskatchewan, and further east in Ontario is Algonquin Provincial Park where water adventures await you.  The Parc National de la Jacques Cartier is found in the province with French flare, Quebec, and the Atlantic Provinces bring you places such as stunning Gros Morne National park on Newfoundland, where the ancient landscape is a Unesco World Heritage site.

 These are just a few of the sights that you could visit for yourself – there is so much more to explore. 

 The same applies to the rest of the world – if you are thinking of Australia or New Zealand, Africa or South America contact us now to start planning your bespoke tailor made holiday. 

 Tel: 01323446550   email:  info@experienceholidays.co.uk

Yvonne Dann

Yvonne Dann


Yvonne Dann

Yvonne Dann

Book now for New England

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Vicki Tester


New England is perhaps most famous for the wonderful colours of its fall foliage; forests of maple trees don their autumn mantle of reds and gold in the transition from summer to the snows of the winter months.  However, a visit to the New England States of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut has far more to commend it than simply experiencing Mother Nature’s awesome autumn splendour.  Well known for its variety of accommodation from the small B&B’s, to Inns and larger luxury properties, as well as the sandy beaches of Cape Cod, the more rugged scenery of the Maine coastline dotted with colourful lighthouses and the mountains of New Hampshire and Vermont, there is something for everyone in New England.  We can help you tailor your plans to fit the time you have available, your expectations and budget.  We pride ourselves on helping you achieve your dreams, not simply selling you a holiday.

Picture courtesy of Angie Watson

Picture courtesy of Angie Watson


Picture courtesy of Angie Watson

Picture courtesy of Angie Watson










Click here for our itinerary ideas:- New England 

If you would like to see the amazing fall colours this year then you need to book soon or alternatively start thinking about making this part of your next years holiday.  Please contact us to help make your bespoke, tailor made holiday really special and one to remember – Tel: 01323 446550 or email info@experienceholidays.co.uk

Picture courtesy of Angie Watson

Picture courtesy of Angie Watson


Picture courtesy of Angie Watson

Picture courtesy of Angie Watson

Tailor Made USA Holidays: The Grand Circle Road Trip

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The USA is a big country. From cross continental mountain chains to mesmerizing desert city oasis’s like Las Vegas, there is more to see, do, and experience in the US than in arguably any other country. Thankfully then, the US came up with a big answer to the countries bigness in the mid 20th century by inventing what we know today as the road trip.

tailor made usa road trip holidays

USA, Montana, road trip – credit Peter Ellis

From tailor made USA holiday road trips to the legendary Route 66, road trips themselves are a fantastic way to experience as much of America as possible in whatever amount of time you have available. The only question is, which is the best route to plan on taking when embarking on your own road trip?

The Grand Circle

If you’re enthralled by the great outdoors, the Grand Circle is the road trip which you should probably consider embarking upon. Spanning a staggering five states in the Southwestern US, the Grand Circle allows you to plan just over two weeks of tailor made USA holiday travel during which time you will experience everything from the red cliffs and gully’s of Zion National Park in Utah, to the fantastic expanse of the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

Iconic Scenery, Cities & Cultural Offerings

Starting and ending in Las Vegas, other tailor made travel itinerary destinations on the Grand Circle route can include Ouray in the unforgettable mountain surrounds of Colorado. In like manner, bespoke USA holidays can be made complete by journeying through iconic places like monument valley, before later boating around just as iconic Lake Powell as you cross back over into Utah.

Are you ready for the ultimate bespoke USA holiday experience? If so, a 2 to 3 week road trip around the Grand Circle might be for you. In this case, call or contact Experience Holidays today in order to start planning your road trip around exactly what you want to see and experience.

Tailor Made US Holidays: Far More Than Just Theme Parks

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For the past four decades, Florida has been the theme park capital of the world drawing thousands of visitors to places like Disneyland and Universal Studios each and every year. However, Florida is about much more than just theme parks. In fact, the state itself is particularly perfect for exploring as part of tailor made, self-drive USA holidays. This way visitors can benefit from experiencing everything from Miami Beach’s art deco scene to the tropical paradise of Keywest.

Credit Peter Ellis

Credit Peter Ellis

Tailor Made USA Holidays In Americas Sunshine State 

If you are planning a bespoke holiday to the USA and Florida in particular, it can be difficult to identify the states most must visit tourist spots. Thankfully, Experience Holidays can help. Arriving in sun kissed Miami, why not start your self drive adventure around Florida by visiting Americas own (almost) authentic megalith structures?

Built by a Latvian eccentric in the 1920’s, the megalith monuments which make up Coral Castle are similar in size and design to ancient structures in Europe. In fact, just like in places like Stonehenge in the UK, no one knows exactly how the Coral Castle monuments were built. This being due to their secretive sole architect never imparting his construction secrets to anyone prior to his death in 1951.

Bespoke Self-Drive Holidays To Key West & Islamorada    

The beauty of self-drive tailor made USA holidays, is that you have complete freedom to explore what and where you want to. After soaking up the sun in Miami, why not, therefore, make a just as sun kissed pilgrimage to Key West? From 19th century forts and coral islands to the former home of Earnest Hemingway, a self drive Florida holiday is the perfect way to absorb yourself in the culture and  heritage of the state.

So Much More To See & Explore

Are you ready for a once in a lifetime bespoke holiday tour of the USA’s sunshine state? If so, call or contact Experience Holidays today and lets start putting together your perfect tailor made holiday itinerary. 

Tailor Made USA City Breaks

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Do you want to experience the buzz of the Big Apple or the immerse yourself in the counter-culture come modern technology hub that is San Francisco? Bespoke and tailor made holidays in the USA aren’t just about intrepid adventures into Americas interior. Rather, a tailor made USA holiday can also centre around a once in a lifetime city break.

Tailor made USA city breaks

San Francisco Church Salta

Short of Time? 

A great way to experience the USA if you’re strapped for time is to embark on a single city break.

From taking the chance to walk down Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, to trying your luck as Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, city breaks are a phenomenal way to experience the bright lights of some of Americas most iconic cities.

However, bespoke and tailor made USA city breaks don’t have to be about just skyscrapers, bay spanning bridges and fantastic restaurants. Rather, while based in places like Los Angeles, you can also take time to pit your wits against the winding and ultimately picturesque hiking trails of Griffith Park. In like manner, depending on how much time you have to spare, a tailor made holiday to New York can be fantastically complimented by a visit to Niagara Falls.

City Breaks as Bespoke as You Are

At Experience Holidays, we can help you plan the ultimate bespoke USA city break by pairing the city which you would like to base yourself in with luxurious accommodation offerings and comprehensive sightseeing itineraries. From visiting the Empire State Building in New York, to China Town and the towering Sequoia red woods of San Francisco, each of our tailor made city breaks are designed to be as experiential as possible.

Are you ready for a once in a lifetime, city break? If so, make sure to call or contact Experience Holidays today. We’ll help you plan your own tailor made USA city break around exactly what you want to see, do, and experience in however little time you have to spare.  

Bespoke USA Holidays & Holiday Home Hire

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As any tailor-made holiday enthusiast will be aware, there are two distinctly different kinds of vacation. Firstly, there is the (arguably) basic sightseeing holiday which the majority of people embark upon each year. Secondly though, are truly experiential holidays, holidays in which people immerse themselves in their surrounds and take home a mental souvenir chest afterwards topped full of inspiring cultural insights and much more personal holiday experiences.

Bespoke USA Holidays

Credit CRUSA

Are you looking for a tailor made USA holiday which falls into the latter of these two  categories? If so, at Experience Holidays we can help.

Tailor Made USA Holiday Home Hire  

A fantastic way to experience what the USA is really about is to hire and base yourself in a holiday home in the US for anything from a few days for up to a a few weeks at a time.

From bespoke USA holiday home hire in New York to rural parts of the Carolinas, we have a range of properties available which are suitable for almost every budget. Even better, tailor made USA holiday home hire can be incorporated with fantastic multi-state road trips.

Tailor Made Holidays With Added Luxury 

If you are considering holidaying in one specific part of the USA for a period of time, our condominiums and luxury villas with pools can help you experience the US as privately and luxuriously as you like. In the mean time, you and your loved ones can explore everything from Miami’s pristine white sand beaches to San Francisco’s awe inspiring Sequoia National Park completely at your own leisure.

Of course, whether the Grand Canyon or the Big Apple is just a short drive or an entire state away will depend on where you would like to base yourself. However, at Experience Holidays we’re proud to be able to provide high-quality holiday home hire all across North America.

Are you ready for the ultimate bespoke USA holiday experience? If so, call or contact Experience Holidays today in order to discuss your specific holiday needs in more detail.


Tailor Made San Francisco to Las Vegas Holidays

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While the Big Apple might be the USA’s most iconic city, a close second and third would have to be San Francisco and Las Vegas. As part of the ultimate tailor made holiday, why not therefore, sample both while experiencing the distance between as part of an epic cross country road trip adventure?

Tailor made USA Holidays - San Fancisco

Credit San Francisco CVB

2 Bespoke USA Holidays in 1

Crossing from California into Nevada takes travellers through some truly awe inspiring scenery. The Big Sur Coast Highway for one, stretches and twists for over 85 miles along and around some of California’s most spectacular coastline. Meanwhile, absolutely unmissable stops on any tailor made USA holiday journey in between San Francisco and Las Vegas, include the towering giant redwood forests of America’s infamous Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks

Of course, prior to leaving San Francisco itself, no tailor made USA holiday would be complete without first experiencing city sights such as the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and perhaps even the infamous island prison of Alcatraz.

Arriving in Las Vegas

As far as bespoke USA holidays go, arriving in Las Vegas after braving the wild lands of Death Valley is a truly once in a lifetime experience.

Watching the city rise up out of the Nevada Desert can be as surreal an experience as encountering the gates of Disney Land right in the middle of the Sahara. The only difference is that Las Vegas isn’t a mirage. Rather, what is arguably the world’s most oddly located city really does suddenly bust right up at you out of the otherwise empty desert. The only question which you will be left with, is how exactly do you want to celebrate your arrival?

Are you ready for a once in a lifetime, city to city tailor-made holiday experience? If so, make sure to call or contact Experience Holidays today in order to set the wheels in motion for your own San Fran to Las Vegas adventure

Tailor Made Holidays Into the Heart of Untouched Alaska

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Bespoke holidays to the USA allow people to experience the country’s most iconic scenery and picturesque mountainscapes and nowhere is this more evident than in Alaska.

Far away from the bustle and eclectic cultural offerings of Americas big cities, tailor-made travel to Alaska is about taking a visually and atmospherically spectacular journey right into the heart of glacier and grizzly bear country.

Bespoke holidays to Alaska USA

Credit Alaska Tourism

Bespoke Holidays Around Alaska & Denali

Straddling over 160 miles of the narrow Alaskan Range, Alaska’s Denali National Park encompasses over six million acres of Alaskan wild land. First settled in 1905, the human influence on 99% of the area is tiny. The result of this is an area almost the same size as Norther Ireland, teeming with local flora and fauna which has been allowed to flourish for over a century without interruption.

The above being the case, bespoke holidays to the USA and Alaska can provide intrepid adventurers with a true taste of America’s so-called great outdoors, whilst also (of course) benefiting from first class accommodation and local guiding services. The only question is, what do you specifically want to see and experience on your holiday?

Truly Experiential Holidays       

Are you ready for a winter safari into Alaska’s great interior? While it’s not possible to actually embark upon a safari around Denali in the true South African sense, Denali is home to a staggering 37 iconic mammal species. From grizzly bears to caribou, when you visit Denali as part of a tailor-made holiday to the USA, you’re visiting a flourishing nature reserve. Even better, many tours will be able to provide you with the opportunity to experience some of America’s most iconic animal species right with your own eyes.

Spectacular Natural Surrounds

With the Alaskan range disappearing up into the overhead cloud line, bespoke holidays to Alaska are just as much about being visually awestruck by Alaska’s natural surrounds as they are getting up close and personal with some of Americas most iconic wildlife. The only problem? To take in all that Alaska has to offer would take weeks, if not months.

Thankfully, as part of our bespoke North American and Alaska holiday packages, you can experience Alaska through everything from basic hiking to backcountry bike travel and even bespoke flightseeing tours. The only question is, are you ready for a truly once in a lifetime bespoke holiday experience? If so, make sure to contact Experience Holidays today to find out more. 

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